The Play to Earn era is here to stay


Play to Earn Scholarships

We remove the barrier to entry for gamers worldwide by financing Play to Earn gaming accounts

NFT Investments

We invest in an ever growing and highly diversified NFT portfolio of gaming assets, art, and rare collectibles

Metaverse Gateway

We leverage our Blockchain expertise to facilitate brands and artists to reach new audiences

150+ Gamers

500+ NFTs

$500k+ AUM

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If you want to be part of the PLEI gamers and be able to earn and play video games, register now and start living your passion.


Gamer Sponsorship

We offer sponsors the possibility to finance play to earn gaming accounts. We connect interested parties to our gamers database.

Emergent Artists

We select talented emergent artists to represent in our Metaverse galleries and NFT marketplaces.

Metaverse Intelligence

We offer A to Z services to businesses looking to have a presence in the metaverse. From land selection to design.

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